Kodak Vericolor III VPS 120 ISO 160 VintageZoom

Kodak Vericolor III VPS 120 ISO 160 Vintage

Item# 606-VPS120X
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Another one from the Vault.

Manufacturer discontinued/outdated film
May have some color shifts and/or image degradation but should be Perfect for Lomo or Holga Type images in your favorite 120 Back/Camera
Cold Stored ISO 160

Bulk rolls,not individually packaged. refrigerated
This is a very rare Kodak emulsion, from the VPS family that stayed around from the mid-90s to the early 00s. We had 4 different batches of this from over the years and we are offering this batch out for your shooting pleasure. Obviously a dated emulsion like this lends itself to the Holga/Lomo shooters, but being 120 emulsion this is more meant for the adventurous photog looking for a slightly different look, and as with a lot of these batches looking for a fun and an interesting result. The previous batches have lent themselves to this end, and we are offering these with the knowledge, that they are ancient, yet full of promise. So obviously there may be some image degradation, color shifts and general wonkiness, but overall a pleasing image quality.