Kodak Portra 160NC Half Size Rolls Outdated Special RollsZoom

Kodak Portra 160NC Half Size Rolls Outdated Special Rolls

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Sample rolls approx 1/2 the size of regular rolls. For Example:If you normally shoot 12 exposure (2 1/4 x 2 1/4) you will get 6 exposures out of these rolls.

Rare,Manufacturer discontinued much loved emulsion
Professionally cold stored
Very limited quantity available

Natural colors, very fine grain and soft contrast. For use in controlled lighting. Introduced in 1998, these four films shared breakthrough Single Channel Printing technology, employing the same dyes and couplers. The result: same spectral sensitivity and spectral-dye density across film speeds remarkably compatible final prints, no matter what combination of PORTRA Films shot: 120/220 and 35 mm formats, natural color COLD STORED