KODAK Elite Chrome 100 Film for Color Slides for 35mm x 36 Exp Zoom

KODAK Elite Chrome 100 Film for Color Slides for 35mm x 36 Exp

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Outdated, Discontinued by Manufacturer, Professionally Cold Stored for the entire life of the film, Purchased directly from Kodak, 2011 dating or better, Shooting perfectly fine Kodak Elite Chrome 100 Film is a 100-speed daylight film that offers photographers outstanding image structure with natural colors. It provides excellent reproduction of skin tones, colors, and neutrals. Designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash, this film is the ideal choice for general picture-taking applications. Elite Chrome 100 Film features Kodak's Color Amplifying Technology and KODAK T-Grain Emulsion Technology to deliver both exceptionally fine grain (rms 8), and beautiful, lifelike color. You can use this film to produce color slides for projection, or have color prints, enlargements, duplicate slides, internegatives, and photo CDs made from your original slides. You can also use photo kiosk systems such as the Kodak Picture Maker to make color prints and enlargements. High efficiency T-GRAIN Emulsion Technology Delivers very clear pictures, even with a high degree of enlargement, without having to worry about grain Lower D-min Whiter, brighter whites and more overall snap to your images Lower contrast tone scale Captures the details in highlights and shadows Matched color records Reproduces skin tones pleasingly and naturally; Clean and consistent gray scale rendition