Kodak Ektachrome EPY 120 Pro 64T Vintage SpecialZoom

Kodak Ektachrome EPY 120 Pro 64T Vintage Special

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Kodak EPY is a medium-speed color transparency film that features excellent color reproduction, very fine grain, and very high sharpness. It is designed for exposure with tungsten illumination (3200K). Kodak Ektachrome 64T Professional film has an intended exposure range of 1/10,000 second to 10 seconds. Color balance Tungsten Outstanding reciprocity characteristics Consistent color balance and speed over a wide range of exposure times Accurately records neutral colors Excellent color reproduction Flexible film Produces color transparencies for viewing with 5000K illumination; You can also use the transparencies for printing by photomechanical methods and by photographic methods of direct duplication and direct reversal printing; Scan transparencies for digital printing and for graphic arts and photo CD applications. Outdated, Professionally Cold Stored, Shooting Perfectly Fine