Kodak B & W C-41 Process 400 - 120 Film BW400CNZoom

Kodak B & W C-41 Process 400 - 120 Film BW400CN

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Kodak - 120 B/W Print (CN) 120 400-ISO Film KODAK's new Black & White + 400 Film utilizes a color film chemical process. This means you can enjoy the elegance and emotion of black and white with the ease, speed, and consistency of color negative film and processing. And, because this is an ISO-400 film, you'll find that it is an excellent choice when shooting in low-light situations or when extending the range of a flash (when compared to ISO-100 films, the ISO-400 will double the effective flash range). Now Black & White film processing and printing is available anyplace that develops color film. If you want the power of B&W with the convenience of color, try KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film. The fine grain, ISO 400 speed, outstanding highlight and shadow detail, and smooth, neutral tone scale make BW400CN the perfect choice for discerning photographers. Since this film uses C-41 processing, it can be processed by the same lab as your color print film.