Ilford Under-the-Lens Multigrade Filter Kit Set of 5Zoom

Ilford Under-the-Lens Multigrade Filter Kit Set of 5

Item# 903-25UL
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A set of 5 Multigrade Filters specifically designed to be used under the enlarging lens. The filters are mounted in hard plastic 2"x 2" frames, which will fit the under lens filter holders supplied by Omega and Beseler, and other enlargers with similar size filter holders. There are 6 pieces, 5 filters and the under lens component. For enlargers without a filter holder, the kit includes a universal holder which can be attached by clamping it onto the lens, or using the included mounting adapter. The grade number is printed on the handle of each filter. The kit includes 5 Multigrade filters, ranging from grade 1 to grade 5 (There are NO grade increments in this set), universal filter holder, mounting adapter, mounting hardware.