Holga 135BC 35mm Film Camera Red/WhiteZoom

Holga 135BC 35mm Film Camera Red/White

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For use with 35mm film
Holga camera with distinctive lo-fi look
Characteristic Holga black corner vignetting
Hot shoe for flash
Red and White color
Plastic f/8 47mm lens

The Holga 135BC 35mm version features an internal mask which "cuts" the corners creating a soft vignette effect that looks similar to the natural vignette from the 120 Holgas, hence the name BC or "Black Corners".

The focal length is approximately 47mm. To focus, rotate the barrel of the lens to the icon displayed that best corresponds to the shooting situation. The focal length ranges from 3 feet to infinity. And, since Holga is a completely manual camera, film advance is all up to the photographer. After the first shot, advance the film one full frame to the next image or shoot limitless times on the same frame to create a multiple exposure. By advancing only partially, you can create panoramic or overlapping images.

The shutter speed of a Holga is approximately 1/100 of a second. There is the added option to put the camera in "B"; bulb setting. The bulb setting allows the shutter to stay open for as long as necessary for long exposures. This makes it possible to do night photography, getting images without a flash in low light situations or even painting with light. Both a tripod and cable release are recommended when using the Holga in the bulb setting.
The Holga 135BC shoots 35mm film
Hotshoe adaptor accepts standard flash units.