Golden Half 35mm Half Frame Cameras

Golden Half 35mm Half Frame Cameras
Not only is the Superheadz Golden Half the smallest 35mm camera in the world, it also takes half-frame pictures. By "half-frame" I mean that one standard picture frame is divided into two, therefore you get two separate shots per exposure.

35mm half-frame camera!

This Camera was envisioned as an homage to the golden age of the photographic era of Japan. There was a vogue of half-frame cameras in the 1960s, from Japan, originating with the Olympus Pen models. It allowed for a very compact camera, using commonly available film, unlike other subminiatures that used exotic films (16mm, 9.5mm, etc.).

With a half-frame camera, one can fit twice as many pictures onto a standard roll of film. For example, 72 exposures on a 36-exposure roll, 48 on a 24-exposure one, and so on. The exposures have a vertical (portrait) orientation as opposed to the horizontal (landscape) orientation of a 35mm SLR or rangefinder. We wished to revive the 35 mm half frame cameras of that special era while maintaining has the functionality and essence of our toy camera approach, a genre that has given rise to the the Lomo and Holga, but is preserved here. Lightweight, with a hot shoe, without limits, and a perfectly symmetrical small aperture plastic lens. In addition the unique appearance of a 35 mm half-size camera, The GoldenHalf comes in several unique "flavors.

These are Collectors Items so we ship them factory sealed with the original unique packaged outdated film enclosed.