Fujicolor Pro 400H Portrait 120 5-Pack 10/2018 Dating Zoom

Fujicolor Pro 400H Portrait 120 5-Pack 10/2018 Dating

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Fuji Professional Film
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10/2018 Dating

High Sensitivity ISO speed rating of 400 that assures fine results even under most low-light conditions.
Faithful skin tone reproduction Natural, true-to-life skin tones even in dark, low-light situations Natural skin tones even under overly flat lighting.

Wide Light Source Latitude A fourth color-sensitive layer enabling the reproduction of desired images even under a mixed light source of natural light, fluorescent light and tungsten light.

Excellent Textural Depiction Excellent, almost grain-free textures, regardless of the film’s high sensitivity.

Addition of single-channel suitability Negative density level unified with other PRO series films for maximum printing uniformity and efficiency.

Expect faithful color reproduction — including purples and other similar shades - under a wide range of light sources.