Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 35 mm x 36 ExpZoom

Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 35 mm x 36 Exp

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Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 Fuji Neopan 100 Acros is a medium-speed high quality black & white print film that boasts a high standard in grain quality among B&W ISO 100 films, rich gradation and outstanding sharpness. High Standard in Grain Quality Through the incorporation of Fujifilm's proprietary "Super fine-E Grain technology", this film delivers a high standard in grain quality among ISO100 black and white films. Its fine grain, along with its superb grain alignment and rich gradation, makes possible smoother and sharper textural depiction, even in big enlargements. Excellent Processing Characteristics By incorporating the advanced "PIDC technology" NEOPAN 100 ACROS provides stable processing results not only during manual processing with all kinds of developers and fixers, but in every type of automatic processor as well. Improved Reciprocity Characteristics This film exhibits extremely minimal reduction in sensitivity even in extended, low-light exposures, thus producing excellent results in astronomical photography and night scenes, as well as architecture and other subjects requiring long exposures.