Foma Fomapan R100 BW Reversal 35 mm x 36 exp.Zoom

Foma Fomapan R100 BW Reversal 35 mm x 36 exp.

Item# 400-361R
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Fomapan R100 is a true BW reversal film and is a perfect replacement for Agfa Scala. Fomapan R 100 is a panchromatic sensitized black-and-white reversal film intended for taking black and white transparencies. It is distinguished by very fine grain, high resolving power and contour sharpness and higher contrast. The spectral sensitization of Fomapan R 100 is designed for to true transfer color tones into the gray scale when exposed in daylight and simultaneously to make full use of the film speed when exposed in artificial light. Due to a very efficient antihalo layer, situated between the base and emulsion layers, the film features very good resolving power and high contour sharpness.The antihalo layer will decolorize during processing.