Film Ferrania Orto 50 Black and White 35mm x 36 exp filmZoom

Film Ferrania Orto 50 Black and White 35mm x 36 exp film

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Item# 654-5036
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks


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NOW taking Pre-Orders. The film will arrive at our warehouses via direct shipment from the Factory in around 2-3 weeks
as the latest forecast from the factory is now June 15th, 2023
we are leaving all existing PRE-ORDERS placed previous to May 25th 2023 in our que, to be fufilled in the order in which they were placed
and suspend any further order taking momentarily, and list the item as SOLD OUT until further notice
Please feel free to contact us with any updates or questions
For this "PRE-ORDERING" phase of the NEW ORTO, any additional items you order along with Ferrania ORTO, will ship with the ORTO (when it is available). If you need other items, please place a new distinct order separate from your ORTO order, unless you can wait the few weeks on the other items. We are proud to offer the second product released since Ferrania reintroduced continuous film production status at their manufacturing base in Cairo Montenotte, Italy.
Ferrania Orto is P30's quirky cousin and features the same high silver content, inherently strong contrast and practically invisible grain as P30 - but this time, distinctly ortochromatico
Shoot at box speed We understand that modern films are very flexible, but Orto is based on a classic chemical formula that responds best when shot at the listed ISO of 50.
Shoot in Daylight Orthochromatic film should only be shot in daylight. Avoid shooting in artificial light.
Make Your Own Scans Our films are unique compared to most modern films. As a result, we have found that typical lab scanning can yield blocked-up hyper-contrasty images. If this happens to you, try scanning the negatives yourself for better results.
Enjoy It! Our films are created to be enjoyed, not analyzed. For that reason, feel free to ignore the "rules" and do whatever you like. Share your results with us and if you have questions or comments, we are always available by email.