Debonair 120 Format Camera

Debonair 120 Format Camera
What do you get if you cross a Lomo Diana with a Holga 120N. You get a Debonair 120 Format Camera. It shoots 645 (6 × 4.5 cm), so you get 16 shots on a standard 120 Roll. It has a hot shoe and a perfect 60 mm 1:8 Super vignetting lens that brings forth the Lomography / Holga magic in a whole new way. This vintage "toy" camera comes in an absolutely pristine, new-in-the-box condition, from a sealed mayonnaise jar, on the porch of Funk and Wagnells, well, you get the picture. The Debonair, made in Hong Kong in the Disco 80s, sort of in between the last of the original Dianas, and before the Lomo and Holga folks got their feet wet, reinventing the plastic 120 box. Despite a few similarities, it is not the same as the "Debonair" Diana that made the rounds in the 60s and 70s, or the Imperial Debonair models from Chicago’s Herbert George Camera Company. Just picture a perfect union between the classic Holga 120N camera, and the legendary Diana. If anything, these babies are a bit more robustly constructed than either of those two models; while still maintaining all of the charming quirks of the Diana-type camera - basic functionality, simple lens, vignetting, random optical aberrations - are all present and accounted for, Thank you very much.

Here is a link, to a collection of wonderful shots on the Lomography blog Debonair Pics on the Lomography Site

And here are some examples from a Flickr Group Debonair Camera Users Group on Flickr

The Debonair's features a 60mm/f8 focusing lens (scale focus by icon), two shutter speeds, an accessory shoe and a bright, easy-to-use viewfinder. All you need to do is feed it some 120 film, whenever it gets hungry, and the Debonair will be a loyal and trusted friend.

We are offering these cameras in a few different "packages" to get you inspired, and take you directly into the twilight zone, heretofore unknown, between the Lomo and Holga Universes. This camera rockets you into the hybrid heavens, and delivers the best of both world's. You will boldly shoot, where no one has shot before.