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Bobinquick-135 AP 35mm Bulk Film Loader

Item# 903-105
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Deluxe Film loader for 35mm bulk films. Easy to use and reliable. The loader will hold up to a 100' roll of 35mm film. Great for schools, industry or any photographer who uses re-loadable film cassettes. With this film loader, you can roll your own 35mm films from a bulk roll. This saves money, and allows you to tailor the amount of film to your own needs (for example, you can make a custom five exposure-photo film roll). For bulk rolls up to 100 feet (30.5 Meter) in length. The precise frame counter allows you to put anywhere from 1 to 36 frames of film onto a roll. The loader indicates the amount of bulk film still left in the loading chamber, and has an ISO-marker to note the ISO of the bulk roll currently housed in your unit. Film can be loaded in daylight once you have it securely installed in your loader.