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Leica C2 Vario-Elmar 35-70mm Camera Leitz - Used

Leica C2 Vario-Elmar 35-70mm Camera Leitz - Used
Leica C2 Vario-Elmar 35-70mm Camera Leitz - Used
Leica C2 Vario-Elmar 35-70mm Camera Leitz - Used

Leica C2 Vario-Elmar 35-70mm Camera Leitz - Used

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Item # 924-LEC2
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Not a purists rangefinder Leica, but an aluminum beauty with absolutely stunning Leica optics, and that ain't hay.

Aluminum body with automatic lens cover

35-70 mm f/4.6 /8.6 LEICA VARIO-ELMAR (7 elements in 6 groups)

Real-image type zoom viewfinder

Integrated multimode electronic-flash

Passive autofocus with range from 2-feet to infinity

Camera with aluminum housing, automatic lens shutter, Leica Vario-Elmar 1:4.6 - 8.6 / 35-70mm, (7 elements in 6 groups); passive multi-zone autofocus system, real-image zoom viewfinder function, adjustment function indications for flash, autofocus and exposure meter in / on the viewfinder, the distance range 0.6 m to infinity, program AE with different flash functions (red-eye reduction, flash off, etc.), focusing on multi or spot AF, AE lock by pressure point, exposure times: 2s - 1/330s , integr. Flash with guide number 14, DX-coded films 50-3200 ASA, continuous shooting, self-timer (10s), Integrated date and time, lithium battery 3V / CR 123A, tripod thread, Film cartridge window.

Type - Compact 35 mm autofocus viewfinder camera with zoom lens.

Lens - 35–70 mm f/4.6–8.6 LEICA VARIO-ELMAR (7 elements in 6 groups).

Focus range - 0.6 m /2 ft < infinity. Smallest object field - 190 x 285 mm.

Autofocus system - Passive phase-detection multi-zone infrared autofocus.

Exposure control - Programmed automatic exposure control with automatic flash activation (Auto), flash on, flash off, Auto with stroboscopic pre-flash for red-eye reduction, Auto Slow (with longer exposure time)

Exposure metering - Center-weighted two-zone metering sensor with backlight recognition.

Memory - Focus is locked and metered value saved with light pressure on shutter release button.

Shutter speed range - 1/330 s < 2 s

Film speed setting - Automatic film speed setting for DX-coded films from ISO 50/18° to ISO 3200/36° ; Films without DX-coding and films with speeds under ISO 50/18° are set at ISO 100/21° ; Films with speeds over ISO 3200/36° are set at ISO 3200/36°.

Flash range with ISO 100 slide film - Wide-angle : 3 m (10ft) ; Telephoto : 1.63 m (5 ft 4") ; Guide number : 14 (46 ft)

Viewfinder - Real-image type zoom viewfinder with display of flash, autofocus and exposure metering symbols. 0.35 x with 35 mm to 0.67 x with 70 mm ; field of view is approximately 80 % of film format

Film transport - Automatic film threading and advance to first frame. Automatic rewind after last exposure. Midroll rewind possible.

Data imprinting - Integrated ; Imprinting of date or day and time.

Exposure series - The exposure series function is activated when the release button is pressed continuously.

Self-timer 10 sec. exposure delay.

Power supply - 3V lithium battery (CR 123A). (Not included)

Body - Silver aluminum. Side attachment for carrying strap or wrist strap. Tripod thread A1/4 DIN 403 (1/4").

Weight - 240 g /8.5 oz without batteries.

Dimensions (W x H x D) - 121 x 66 x 39.5 mm (4 4/5x 2 5/8x 1 9/16 in.)

Approximate measurements: Br: 119mm, H: 66mm, T: 39.5 mm

Condition:USED - In Brand New, Very Good MINT Condition 10 +, Never Used

Packaging: Camera only, not in Original Packaging, and NO Manual.

Requires a 3V CR 123A Battery (Not Included)

Leica C2 Vario-Elmar 35-70mm Camera Leitz - Used