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Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used

Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used
Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used
Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used
Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used

Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used

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Item # 924-FKW3BK
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Mechanically perfect and film tested, with very light scruffs and scrapes from normal usage but overall very nice cosmetically.

High-performance luxury film compact cameras experience a joy to take pictures. With a comparable to DSLR image quality 28 mm f/2.8 Fujinon lenses mounted!

-Focal length 28 mm F2.8 Super EBC Fujinon lens -Two photographers concepts to better reflect exposure mode "program AE" Aperture Priority AE ' recruitment -Aperture opening at 1 / 500 sec high speed shutter -Viewfinder information rich. (1 / 2 Step shutter speed display, exposure correction warning the Flash mark etc) -With one-touch operation can be a quick, independent exposure compensation dial equipment -With a perfect subtle exposure control reversal film shoot at the correct exposure relative to continuous shooting at 3 stages before and after exposure auto exposure bracketing ( AEB ) features. (Can be also linked with exposure compensation dial) -Focuses precisely on the subject aimed at high precision 5-point positioning ranging autofocus (with proximity correction mark) -ISO sensitivity corresponding to the increase in sense of shooting manual setting function -Natural photo (NP) system adopted dark without Flash to take pictures of the natural atmosphere

Format 35mm lens shutter camera

Screen size 24mm × 36mm

Photographic lens Super EBC Fujinon lens 5 group 6 pieces of f = 28mm 1:2.8 angle of view: 75.4 °

Distance adjustment Passive AF system focusing distance: 0.3m ~ ∞ manual focus mode can be switched (16 points switching) has focus lock function with short-range warning

Shooting mode Priority AE program AE, Aperture

Finder Real-image viewfinder magnification of 0.35 times the field of view: 85% (∞ at the time)

Viewfinder Mark shutter speed focus manual focus exposure compensation synthesis flash mark

Shutter Electronic program shutter (Program AE, AE Aperture Priority)

Shutter speed B, 1/2 ~ 1/500 sec (F2.8 midnight) to 1/1000 second (F16 pm)

Relative range EV4 ~ 16 (ISO100 pm)

Metering Photometry outside the IC metering method

Exposure compensation ± 2.0EV 0.5EV step increments

AEB ± 0.5EV, 2 frame or 3 frames ± 1.0EV Selection In continuous

NP mode Depending on the brightness optimum exposure control (0 ~ +2 EV correction)

Film speed ISO25 ~ 3200 (1/3 step increments) can be set manual DX auto set

Film loading The first frame set automatic auto-loading when the film is not sent, flashing "E" on the liquid crystal display unit and shutter lock

Film feed Rewind automatic winding reverse loading progressive automatic

Allowed leave * FILM TIP (by rewind button halfway) can rewind the middle

Film counter

Flash Built-in low-brightness light emitting auto flash charge time: about 4 seconds guide number: 9

Flash mode Automatic flash mode / emission stop / Forced flash / Red-eye reduction / Night Scene (Slow synchro) / Night Portrait (Slow synchro)

The method of * red-eye reduction mode: four times pre-flash, and the flash is the fifth time

Self-timer Electronic operating time: 10 seconds / 2 seconds self-timer lamp with Liquid crystal display

Film counter aperture (Program AE mode) shooting distance flash exposure compensation mode AEB AEB correction amount MF (manual focus) B (bulb) valve timer self-timer mode NP film speed dating battery capacity * Backlit

Power CR2 1 this lithium battery

Other Dating function tripod screw hole with cable release can be connected to an optional dedicated hood mounting Allowed

Size 123mm (W) × 63.5mm (H) × 38.5mm, except (D) protrusion

Mass (weight) I 270g (excluding battery)

Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used