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VC Select 5x7 25 Sheets Glossy

VC Select 5x7 25 Sheets Glossy

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VC Select...Medium-Weight Resin-Coated Variable Contrast Bromide-iodide Paper...

Compatible with Ilford MG Filters grades 00-5, offering commercial and creative printers a premium quality, high speed, variable contrast resin coated paper, VC Select gives the busy professional printer a high-quality alternative - superb image rendition on a high-speed emulsion one stop faster than most. By cutting exposure times by 50%, VC Select can significantly reduce valuable production time.

Deep, rich, neutral blacks, excellent tonal separation and crisp whites characterize this paper. VC Select offers image excellence, high emulsion speed,cool, crisp, sparkling prints backed by the quality and consistency of an ISO 9002 accredited manufacturer.

VC Select 5x7 25 Sheets Glossy