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Rollei Ortho 25 ISO 120 Size Film

Rollei Ortho 25 ISO 120 Size Film

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Available in October 2017

Updated version of the Rollei Ortho 25

The Rollei Ortho 25 is a monochrome photographic film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 25. The Rollei Ortho 25 is characterized by a high sensitivity reserve of up to two f-stops, depending upon development. The document emulsion offers offers an extraordinary sharpness and extremely fine grain. The Rollei Ortho 25 is suitable for technical-scientific applications and as a half-tone film in the pictorial photography. The highly clear transparent PET substrate opens the possibility of processing as black and white slide film also.


Orthochromatic sensitized with low speed ISO 25/15 Spectral sensitivity 380 - 610nm Special coating for an improvement of the transport properties of the cameras Suitable for daylight and tungsten Polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500) Excellent resolving power of 330 lines/mm Extreme fine grain and highest sharpness Non-curling backside coating to improve flatness Especially suited for scanning

Rollei Ortho 25 ISO 120 Size Film