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Orwo Black and White Films

Orwo Black and White FilmsThe original wolfen black and white films have tantalized photo enthusiasts for many years and we have a few select items for your photo fun experimentation. These much beloved emulsions are extremely rare and we have a small amount of Orwo stock squirreled away for a grainy day.

These films are vintage, outdated, and we have included a few examples of images we produced with these exact emulsions.

ORWO is an abbreviation for "Original Wolfen" as it was manufactured in the pre war Agfa plant of Filmfabrik Wolfen, in the East-German town of Wolfen. In addition to film for still photography, Wolfen made cine film and film and plates for radiography. After the war the plant was in the area that became East Germany and continued to function as the Agfa Brand in behind the iron curtain and the in the Soviet Satellite States. Agfa went on to build their new plant in Leverkusen, and eventually in the early 1960's the Wolfen Plant took on the trade Mark ORWO.

Orwo NP55 ISO 64 Black and White Negative Film 35mm x 36 Exp
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Orwo Black and White Films