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Impossible Film

Impossible FilmPolaroid stopped production of its instant film line in early 2008. Most people probably think of a trademark white frame and soft, quirky snapshots when they think of Polaroid. The truth is, there’s a passionate and flourishing fine art community that uses Polaroid instant film and cameras as the foundation for their art. The Impossible Project was founded in late 2008 to preserve Polaroid-style instant film and allow people to continue enjoying instant film photography and existing Polaroid instant film cameras. Eventually, The Impossible Project announced PX100 and PX600 Silver Shade monochrome film – their first instant films. The new films are now available with more exciting products to come. The Polaroid art photography community is very excited about the new film and looking forward to more from The Impossible Project.

Easier to handle, better colors, sharper, and faster – the new family of Impossible film for Polaroid cameras and new Impossible hardware is a step forward in the development of instant film. Thanks to an advanced formula, and constant adjustments during production, using Impossible film is now more fun than ever. A new package design and naming system helps you pick the right film for your Polaroid 600-type, SX-70-type, or Image/Spectra-type camera. And did we mention speed? The new Impossible film develops faster: up to 20% in some cases. And this is just the beginning, as we're continuously optimizing production. The Impossible family of film is growing and improving steadily. Wouldn't it be nice if all families did?

Impossible Instant Lab for iPhone 4/4s / iPhone 5/5s
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Impossible Film For Polaroid™ 600-Type CamerasImpossible Film For Polaroid™ SX-70 Cameras
Impossible Film For Polaroid™ Image/Spectra CamerasImpossible Film For Impossible Hardware & Cameras

Impossible Film