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Ultrafine Multigrade Filters

Ultrafine Multigrade FiltersUltrafine Varigrade filters can be used on our NEW Ultrafine Plus+ VariGrade RC Papers, UltraFine VariGrade IV Papers, Kodak Polycontrast IV, Europe's Finest Variable Contrast, and of course Ilford Multigrade Papers as well.

Ultrafine Multigrade Variable Contrast Filters 3" x 3" Set of 12

Ultrafine Varigrade Filters 3.5" x 3.5" Set of 12

Ilford Under-the-Lens Multigrade Filter Kit Set of 5

Ilford Multigrade Manual
$5.95, 18/$89.95

Black and White Multigrade Filters FAQ'sUltrafine Multigrade Variable Contrast Filters 6" x 6" Set of 12

Ultrafine Multigrade Filters