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Ilford 2019 Ultra Large Format (ULF) Film Program

Ilford 2019 Ultra Large Format (ULF) Film ProgramThis is our 14th year supporting this consumer driven film specialty program. #keepingfilmalive

These listings represent the ULF 2019 program. The 2019 program is scheduled to run between April 18th, 2019 and Friday May 24th, 2019. The ordering window CLOSES on May 24th 2019. After the closing date, HARMAN will manufacture the items at its factory in the UK with a view to shipping orders to arrive with dealers from late September on-wards. Specific products covered include FP4 PLUS and HP5 PLUS in sizes up to 20 x 24 inches. Specialist formats of DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL sheet film remain included in the availability list.

The 2019 Program is OPEN for Ordering April 18th 2019 and the Order Window will close Friday May 24th 2019

It looks fairly good from our turn out that most of the minimum manufacturing order requirements will get made from our efforts alone, but when it comes to supporting Ilford in this endeavor, just remember our motto; "We don't care where you get it, just SHOOT FILM!"

He who hesitates, is shooting blanks. We also have a limited amount of stock in house Ilford Sheet Film Active Stock, which includes some specially priced, cold stored, close dated, and out dated stocks, along with some "standard" fresh sizes.

The Ilford Ortho Plus B&W is no longer in the ULF program, and is only manufactured once every two years. The next manufacturing cycle is currently scheduled for kick off (ordering to open) in August 2019.

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Ilford 2019 Ultra Large Format (ULF) Film Program