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Film Changing Bag 27 x 30

Film Changing Bag 27 x 30

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The 27 x 30" Ultrafine Large Changing Bag is a roomy 30" wide. It features a lightweight black nylon outer bag, with an interior bag constructed of rubberized nylon/cotton blend, and rubber wrist bands for comfort. This affords both light weight, and great opacity.

Double lined, double zipper system guarantees it to be light-tight A changing bag is used to load and unload light sensitive material when a darkroom is unavailable or not practical. Ideal for loading a Bulk Loader up with film.

Easy to use large size changing bag which makes it possible to get both hands into the bag comfortably. Quality made, professional type bag.

Dimensions 27 x 30" (69 x 76cm)

A favorite for Bulk Loaders and for loading film holders

Film Changing Bag 27 x 30