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Cinestill Color Films

Cinestill Color FilmsFor the first time ever, motion picture cinema film is now available for standard 35mm still photography and processing without that hassle of Remjet Backing! The birth of CineStill and it's "800Tungsten Xpro C-41" film has been received with astonishing worldwide success and overwhelming appreciation from the international film community, but for us this is still only just the beginning...

It is important to note that CineStill is NOT simply "repackaged" motion picture film. We utilize the same advanced emulsion technology found in Motion Picture film to create a still photography film which is modified for C-41 processing. This material is converted to a different format and suitable for C-41 chemistry. Compared to the original motion picture stock, 800T responds with a slightly increased gamma yielding an 800 ISO Tungsten balanced negative, which is optimized for digital and optical still photography processes.

"Repackaged" motion picture film CAN NOT be processed in standard C-41 film processors due to the Remjet backing present on motion picture films, which would contaminate the chemistry and damage both the machine and film inside.

Companies which "repackaged" old unused motion picture stock, forced the photographer to send the film back for makeshift motion picture lab processing, and generated a motion picture format negative that was compatible with motion picture printing. There are some advantages found in modern motion picture formats and processing e.g., anti-halation, antistatic, lubricant backing. However, the curves, lower gamma and base can prove problematic for tradition still imaging standards. CineStill Film is motion picture film, which is modified and packaged for standard still photography lab processing. It harnesses the same outstanding performance and aesthetics found in many blockbuster films produced today, plus it is optimized for still photography workflows.

Cinestill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 Color Negative Film 35mm x 36 Exp Film
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Cinestill Color Films