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Baby Holga Micro -110 Camera with Film

Baby Holga Micro -110 Camera with Film

Baby Holga Micro -110 Camera with Film

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Do you Love your Holga but hate having to lug it around? With the Baby Holga camera you'll be able to take the same dreamy and artsy pictures that you love without having to carry around a bulky camera bag. Developed in 1982, the Holga quickly became a cult classic, famous for its unpredictable effects, like blurred edges, other-worldly colors and light leaks. The Baby Holga has no flash, but will still create dreamy pictures in daylight. Mechanical shutter; f/8 aperture; 25mm lens; fixed focus.


Lens: 25mm F8

Shutter: 1/125

Aperture: 8

Film advance: Manual

Focus: Free

Dimension: 85×32×34mm

Weight: 30g

Accessories include: Strap and instruction manual

Holga Micro 110 is very small, ultra light weight and uses a 110 film. Widely known as ‘Baby Holga’, Holga Micro 110 is like a little camera that does magic on your shots! Holga Micro 110 looks like a cassette tape just that it is 50 times smaller. It has a mechanical shutter which speeds is about 1/125th second. The fixed focus lies from 1 m to infinity. The rectangular frame, view finder that sits on the top of the camera can be raised up just to give you a rough picture of what your shot would look like. Specifications of Holga Micro 110: Lens: f/8 25mm Shutter: mechanical, 1/125 sec. Focus: Fixed, 1m to infinity Film: 110 cartridge film, ISO 100/200/400. 12-shot or 24-shot cartridge Film Advance: 82 x 32 x 34mm (WxHxD) Dimensions: 82 x 32 x 34mm Weight: 30g without film

Baby Holga Micro -110 Camera with Film