Xtremist Sampler Ultrafine eXtreme B&W 120 Film ISO 100 & 400 Sample 6 Roll PackZoom

Xtremist Sampler Ultrafine eXtreme B&W 120 Film ISO 100 & 400 Sample 6 Roll Pack

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The Ultrafine Xtremist 6 Roll Sampler Pack FRESH Dating 3 Rolls each of 100 & 400 in the 120 Format (6 Total) Brand New Ultrafine eXtreme B&W ISO 400 and ISO 100 Film in 120 Format 3 Rolls each Xtremist Sampler Pack, 6 Rolls Total We offered this unique 6 roll sampler previously, and it went over pretty well, so for a limited time we are putting it out there again. If you want to try the best 120 Black-and-White Film out there, here is your chance. If you have been living on a deserted desert isle or under some rock, you may have not tried this stuff yet, so don't dawdle and get your Xtremist Pack today. A truly original black & white film: The New Ultrafine Xtreme Black-and-White Film leads the way in classic black-and-white film imaging allowing for maximum results when fine grain and sharp detail are required. With a forgiving wide exposure latitude and an acute grain structure adding a level of artistic integrity and dramatic quality to each and every photo subject. Yields excellent contrast and an amazing tonality. It perfectly fits with all medium format cameras and yields excellent results even in Lomographic Cameras such as the Diana+, the Lubitel or the Holga. In combination with a plastic lens your shots may appear a bit mysterious. Xtreme 400 is a high speed, medium contrast film allowing for exceptional utilization in action and sports photography and also an outstanding selection for general purpose photography. With a standard rating of ISO 400, it provides negatives exhibiting incredible sharpness and yet retains a fine grain under a myriad of lighting conditions. Xtreme 400 was designed to react vigorously to push processing and film speeds up to EI 1600/33 are easily achievable with X-tol type developers, maintaining nice shadow detail and perfectly scaled mid-tones, while still maintaining a stable grain structure. The Ultrafine eXtreme film family is yet another example, of Photo Warehouse's undying commitment to traditional photography. Fresh 2021 Dating