Ultrafine Xtreme 35mm Black-and-White Film Assignment CameraZoom

Ultrafine Xtreme 35mm Black-and-White Film Assignment Camera

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The Ultrafine Xtreme Black and White Assignment camera is ideal for students of all ages. This re-useable camera has true black and white ISO 400 film, a high-quality lens for exceptional black and white images. This is the #1 assignment camera from Photo Warehouse that you can process in standard black and white chemicals. Features Re-usable Camera with traditional black and white film ISO 400 Develop in standard black and white chemicals, recommended developers such as Kodak D-76 or Ultrafine 76 , Etc. Our Great Little 35mmm Plastic Fantastic Camera with a roll of 35mmm x 24 Exp Ultrafine Xtreme 400 Black and White Film and a FRESH AA Battery, ready to shoot your next assignment. Perfect for all assignments, the new Ultrafine Reuseable assignment camera has real traditional 400 ISO B&W film, a high-quality lens and built-in flash for exceptional B&W images. Process in standard B&W (NOT C-41) chemicals.