Tales from the tightrope vol. 1 by DirectorSound Powershovel Audio - CDZoom

Tales from the tightrope vol. 1 by DirectorSound Powershovel Audio - CD

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Since its release on Geographic Records in 2003, Directorsound's "Redemptive Strikes" has been a staple go-to album, loved and recommended by music junkies worldwide. "Tales from the tightrope vol.1" is an anthology of early Directorsound works, created during 1999~2003. Nick Palmer a.k.a. Directorsound created this music in his bedroom - and to the listener the joy Nick must have felt at the discovery and creation of these beautiful melodies is tangible - as if the feeling was somehow frozen by magic, and trapped in this album. Although he was merely 20 at the time of recording, he managed to create music which overflows with a rich texture and subtlety beyond his years. The beautiful Lo-Fi sound featured heavily in the album calls to mind a young Ennio Morricone writing music by himself while taking a long, lazy housebound holiday. The music itself is fit for a fantasy soundtrack but is created with the simple acoustic sounds of a piano, drums and guitar. The instruments he plays melt together perfectly to generate a warm, at home atmosphere. After doing the rounds as a well-loved CD-R on his friend's label, Nick added new tracks and re-edited the original sounds to create this anthology. The CD cover also features his beautiful photography, which shows the same uncannily graceful touch. Visit the Tales from the Tightrope dedicated site