Superheadz Digital Harinezumi Guru - White - Special Edition Zoom

Superheadz Digital Harinezumi Guru - White - Special Edition

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Brand New Shipment of Vintage Stock on the Digital Harinezumi guru – limited special edition - legendary DH2 Triple Plus - Factory Packed - Brand New NEW FEATURES: 1. Special limited edition 2. The movie function now comes with more: allowing you to choose from 3 frame rates – you can shoot in true retro style and go for the 8mm mode, and also now with stop motion like filming. 3. New GURU design: front cover renewed and and “Special Edition Final 2011” logo print The Harinezumi Digital Camera Series has been celebrated as one of the most ARTISTIC image recorders out there by artists worldwide. They have the capability to add a new dimension to everyday life when viewed through through this camera is simply fun. But remember, it's not just these cameras that have changed your daily life. It's how they have effected our combined vision of the world in pictures and in movies. What has been so amazing about the Digital Harinezumi is that it challenges and delights your mind. It brings and excitement back to image making! The Digital Harinezumi does not do anything extra special. But when it is in your hands, it just makes you feel like taking photos. Have you met such a camera recently? This latest incarnation of the Digital Harinezumi is the Guru which is being produced as a very special Limited Edition camera. Available in Black and White.