Ricoh 800 EES Rangefinder 35mm Camera + Lenmar 28F Flash Vintage - UsedZoom

Ricoh 800 EES Rangefinder 35mm Camera + Lenmar 28F Flash Vintage - Used

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Sorry, SOLD OUT Ricoh Rangefinder from 1974. This camera is in excellent condition. This camera was also known as the Ricoh Elnica F in the United States. There are no major scratches or scuffs and is clean inside and out. Even the battery connectors look new. It includes the Lenmar 28F Flash, and the lower half of the protective leather case. The protective case is showing signs of age. The camera and flash have been tested and will require batteries. Batteries are not included. This camera utilizes PC 640A / PX 640 Batteries Ricoh 800 EESFilm Camera body with Rikenon 40mm f/2.8 lens ------ !!! Range finder lens. Lens: Rikenon 40mm F2.8 (3 group 4 sheets) Shutter: Seiko ESF 4 ~ 1/500 Self-timer with Finder: daylight-type bright frame finder Focusing: straight helicoid, rangefinder linked The EE program by electronic shutter: exposure control Film transport: the winding lever, rewind crank Dimensions: 111 71 58mm Weight: 400g Released: March 1974 The Winders and shutters all function. View finder has no haze, dust, mold or fungus. Lens has a little dust, but this will not affect picture quality or functionality. Body in great condition. You will get Camera, Flash and Bottom half of protective case.