Return of Sasaki San by Mika Sasaki Powershovel Audio - CDZoom

Return of Sasaki San by Mika Sasaki Powershovel Audio - CD

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This release is a sequel to the album that launched our label, "memories of sasakisan". At that time, the music sasakisan created using her mobile phone was passed to a variety of musicians who remixed or reinterpreted her works in their own style. This time round, we decided to present her songs in their original form..... but with a catch. Instead of simply recording the sounds in a sterile studio environment, we took her mobile phone and a digital recorder out into the wild, and captured them as field recordings. Her sounds mix and blend with those of a busy city: the passing wind, a far away airplane, the echo of a basketball court, and a conversation with a taxidriver. In doing so, we create and capture the worlds most portable jam session! The result is like a tiny fantasy you can meet in everyday life, and transport us back to a time when there was no great divide between music, and the sounds around us. Visit the return of Sasaki San Special Site