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Pola Music by Flim Powershovel Audio - CD

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This release by the German artist Flim is not an 'album' in the strictest sense of the word. It consists of recordings made entirely around the artist's house, devoid of professional studio equipment. But once collected together, they came to resemble an audio sketchbook, depicting the ins and outs of the artist's day to day life. The sound of a piano easily floating on the air is captured on a small, simple MD recorder. The voices of his wife and child can be heard from behind the chime of a Fender Rhodes. An endless sustaining tone from his keyboard mingles with the sound of trees blowing outside the window. Compared with his 4 previous releases on the album TOMLAB, this release is something altogether more personal. Initially intended as a present, this CD was never meant for official release. But here we present it to you as a kind of happy surprise, to stumble upon. Visit the Pola Music Special Site