Olympus PEN-D Half Frame 35mm Camera - UsedZoom

Olympus PEN-D Half Frame 35mm Camera - Used

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Sold Out The Olympus Pen D was the most advanced and versatile models of the non-reflex Olympus Pen range of half-frame cameras that was one of the sensations of the 1960s. Compact, pocketable, beautifully engineered and capable of delivering 72 high-quality 18x24mm images per cassette of 35mm film, the Pen D series had wide-aperture lenses that remain among the best Olympus has produced. Unlike the autoexposure cameras of the Pen range, the Pen D models are reliable. Olympus PEN D 35mm Half Frame Point & Shoot Film Camera in VERY GOOD condition. The cosmetics on this fine classic are excellent. Almost no signs of use. Clean! Meter responds well to light, accuracy not checked. Film advance is smooth and positive. Film counter works, Shutter sounds very good throughout the range. No oil on the aperture. Lens, front and rear is scratch-free. Camera Only, no manual.