Nishika N9000 35mm Quadrascopic 3D Lenticular CameraZoom

Nishika N9000 35mm Quadrascopic 3D Lenticular Camera

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Sorry, SOLD OUT "The Nishika N9000 and processing system is a product of $70 Million and 15 years of research by hundreds of engineers and technicians. It's uses standard 35mm color print film to produce brilliant color pictures with unprecedented depth and realism. Our advanced technology,protected by over 100 patents worldwide, lets you enjoy remarkably lifelike 3 Dimensional photographs with no more equipment then your own eyes. Create 3D photos that will amaze your friends! Built-in protective lens cover and hand trap Standard flash shoe and tripod mount Easy to use variable aperture for optimal exposure Exclusive quadra lens system incorporates four precision-matched lenses to produce 3D prints that rival other 3 lens lenticular cameras The Nishika N9000 was designed for making lenticular prints. The type of print where the image appears different depending on your viewing angle. In order to do this is has 4 30mm lenses spaced across the front that all have shutters that trip at the same time. The outer two lenses are spaced apart about the distance of human eyes and give a stereoscopic view. However what you can do is scan the 35mm negatives in and build the resulting files into an animated GIF.