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Minox DSC Silver Digital SpyCam Camera

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With appealing metal finish and 5.1 megapixels Seeing this camera makes people immediately think of Bond, James Bond, and not without good reason. The DSC is small, really small. It’s so tiny it disappears in a clenched fist. Or in the heel of a shoe or other such ingenious hiding places. The new generation of the legendary spy camera has now been launched with an attractive metal finish. With functions that are reduced to concentrate on essentials the DSC Silver is an even more desirable item than its predecessor. This astonishing photographic masterpiece in minimalist design packs its outstanding performance into dimensions of just 86 x 29 x 20 mm. The new 5.1 megapixel sensor and the possibility to capture documents in the close focus range of up to 50 cm opens up new horizons for its users. The bright viewfinder allows spontaneous, fast shots, even in critical light conditions. The new MNOX DSC Silver is not only a perfect optical notebook that can be taken anywhere, it is also a stylish and exceptional companion that draws attention to its owner in a discreet manner. The system features an additional external flash module that can be docked on to the side of the DSC. And to provide the user with the accustomed convenience of a display for viewing video and image results, the flash has an integrated 1.5 inch screen. The image data can be saved on micro SD cards of up to 16 GB, in addition to using the internal memory. The small MINOX spy camera traditionally stands for an entirely different form of photography, and this is underscored by the MINOX DSC. Suddenly appearing from a pocket it can capture high-quality fleeting candid images unexpectedly and inconspicuously. It can also turn the SpyCam user into “Agent M“ with a personal “License to Shoot”