Minox DM-1 3.2 MP "nine in one" Digital Camera CamcorderZoom

Minox DM-1 3.2 MP "nine in one" Digital Camera Camcorder

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The Minox DM 1 is crammed full of usable features which allow you to digitally record almost any occasion. A 3.2 MP digital still camera, digital video recorder and digital dictaphone comprise the recording capabilities and these are all fitted into a slimline body measuring just 17 mm thick and weighing less than 95 grams, which can easily fit into a shirt pocket or fashion handbag. In addition to the above features, an MP3 music player is included so you can while away long journeys and still stay entertained as it has an integrated speaker and headphones included with it. It has 128 MB of internal memory for storage and external SD cards (up to 1GB) can be used for recording on when this has been used up. The DM-1 will also play movies and photos you may have taken with another camera using an SD card so its oversized 2" TFT screen can be used to show friends what they have missed. It can double as a webcam when attached to a computer via the included USB cable and can also be re-charged from a computer using this cable or from the mains using the supplied adapter. The 3.2 MP CMOS chip can be interpolated up to 6 MP on the stills camera and the 4x digital zoom gives plenty of freedom for image composition. The digital video camera uses new technology to provide up to 12x digital zoom. The lens is housed in a rotating barrel assembly, which gives plenty of opportunity for candid shots and self-portraits but also ensures that the lens surface can be hidden away for protection from dust and scratches when not in use.The digital video function stores the images using the latest MP4 compression so you retain the video quality on a much smaller amount of disk space than previously possible making it easier and quicker to email your videos to friends and family. The DM1 is NOT a point-and-shoot camera but is more like a professional camera. If you set the shutter to Automatic you may get blurred images in low, even medium, lighting conditions. The key is to change the shutter speed from Auto to 1/125 sec. Then check the scene on the 2" LED screen and if it looks right, take the picture. If it looks dark you can increase the Exposure from 0.0 gradually up to +1.8, and/or increase the ISO value from 100 to 200, even 400. Conversely, if the picture looks too bright, reduce Exposure and ISO value. So, what you see is what you get. This exposure compensation emulates a film camera and is a fantastic feature. All the picture "know how" that Minox put into those Leica minatures is represented here. This Camera comes with the original Instruction Booklet in German only, with a quickstart guide in English, and a link to a manual in the language of your choice, on line. We ship the unit with an AC adapter plug in North America, and it will also charge on the USB cord. Resolution 3.2 Megapixel / 6.0 Megapixel (interpolated) Webcam Capability Yes Color Support Color Optical Sensor Type CMOS Total Pixels 3,200,000 pixels Interpolated Image Resolution 5,947,392 pixels Light Sensitivity ISO 100, ISO 400, ISO 200 Digital Zoom 4 x Shooting Modes Frame movie mode Shooting Programs Hi-speed shutter, night mode, dusk, sports mode Max Shutter Speed 1/2000 sec Min Shutter Speed 2 sec Exposure Modes Program, automatic Exposure Compensation 1.8 EV range, in 1/3 EV steps White Balance Automatic, presets White Balance Presets Fluorescent, cloudy, sunlight, tungsten light Digital Video Format ASF Still Image Format JPEG Video Capture ASF - 640 x 480 - 15 fps ASF - 320 x 240 - 30 fps