Minolta AL-F Mint 35mm Rangefinder Camera with sharp Rokkor 38mm f/2.7 Lens with Seiko Shutter - UsedZoom

Minolta AL-F Mint 35mm Rangefinder Camera with sharp Rokkor 38mm f/2.7 Lens with Seiko Shutter - Used

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Minolta AL-F rangefinder CLC 35 mm film camera with Rokkor 38mm F/2.7 lens. This camera is in excellent shape and is near spotless, for it's age. Winder spins free and the shutter is as smooth as silk. Inside spools and curtain almost look like as if they have never been used before. Optics are perfectly fine. Includes owner's manual, hard case and original box. The case is quite a bit beat up, but the camera is very nice. The retail box shows plenty of wear. Overall condition on the camera is an easy 9. The Minolta AL-F was a rangefinder camera was launched by Minolta in 1967. The AF had an automatic mode for flash photography ("Easy Flash"). Therefore it had a guide number selector. A hot shoe for the flash gave further ease of flash usage. For manual exposure selection it offered shutter priority mode with pre-selection of five exposure times from 1/30 sec to 1/500 sec. The frame viewfinder was coupled to a superimposed rangefinder and had a mechanical horizontal parallax correction. For vertical parallax only a parallax arrow. The CdS exposure meter's aperture value proposal for the automatic aperture was visible through the finder, at the right side of the viewfinder image. The lens, a Rokkor 1:2,7/38mm, had 4 elements in three groups, and a Seiko shutter. The meter's "eye" was placed within the filter ring of the lens. This takes a 625 Battery(Not included)This camera requires a battery to function. It was originally designed to take a PX13 or PX625 mercury battery, but nowadays a 1.35v or you can get away most likely with a 1.5V like the ones that fit the early Minolta SRT-201, like the L1560 or LR9 Battery. The light meter functions but can not guarantee it's accuracy. Comes a hard leather fitted case (shop worn), sorry, no manual.