Lucky 9 Teen by Mike Slotts Powershovel Audio CDZoom

Lucky 9 Teen by Mike Slotts Powershovel Audio CD

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Warp Records affiliation of Hudson Mohawke the duo, "Heralds Of Change" activities and in, release the seven inches and remixes up to now, it attracted the attention at the track that was provided by the compilation, Mike had been awaited the most album release Slott ( first CD release of Mike slots)! In Irish, his father also is him brother cousin also grew up in a musical family of professional musicians, have to absorb a variety of music from an early age. Its influence there is, the tracks he makes is, in rhythm to produce a light and mysterious groove Even though fat, mixed with each other is exceptionally melodious sound, there is a sense of balance, such as say, even as a new species of pop music. This work has been released from Scottish Lucky Me as 12 inches EP, only with the release of the Japanese edition exclusive CD, special specification was further additional recording the newly recorded track of the two songs. Visit Lucky 9 Teen by Mike Slotts special site