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Lost Time by Talons' Powershovel Audio - CD

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Talons' music is formed with his charming, beautiful voice, and the warm, delicate sounds composed of acoustic guitar and few other instruments - all of which were recorded at home. His music extracts the best part of those of singer/songwriters, and is often compared to artists such as Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith, and Owen. Although he is not very known in Japan, nor is he in his home country - the US, the sound still wins the heart of many fans all over the world. He also plays a part in The Trouble Books, a band getting higher marks after each new release. "Lost Time" is a selection from all of the songs he has released in the past - all handmade CDRs; a true sum-up of his achievements released from Japan. Mike Talon was born in Ohio, USA. He writes the lyrics and compositions, and sings himself. As the main musician of Talons', he also invites other musicians to join him in various projects. Talon is also a member of THE TROUBLE BOOKS, a band growing their fan base release after another. Visit the Talons' Lost Time Special Site!