Lomographic Society Super Sampler 35mm Camera Metalic BlueZoom

Lomographic Society Super Sampler 35mm Camera Metalic Blue

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This item is currently out of stock!
Item Includes:
Design Storage Box, Supersampler Camera, 35mm Film Roll, Supersampler Photo Book, Multilingual Instructions. Description
The Queen of all multi-lensed cameras. Four highly light-sensitive and precision Japanese panoramic lenses capture four sequential panoramic shots on a single photo. The patented rip-cord advance ensures that you are ever-ready for action. Normal film, normal processing, no batteries. "Design Boutique" packaging includes a molded plastic storage box, 35mm film, and 144-page color book on the sensual pleasure of Supersampling. Now available with a wonderfully-smooth rubberized blue coating. Features Film & Exposure: All 35mm Film Varieties (color negative, slide, B&W) Outdoor use only. Bright indoor Scenes Will Work, but the results will be somewhat grainy. Use 100 ASA only in Intense Sunlight. Otherwise, we Recommend 800 ASA. Development: Photos can be developed at any normal 35mm lab (supermarkets included!). Please advise the developer of the Supersampler's 4-frame format. Warranty The Supersampler includes a 12 month limited warranty from the date of purchase (this warranty period may differ depending on your local regulations). Warrantyguarantees against all manufacturer defects. Damage caused by misuse, incorrect handling, or abuse of the product is not covered. Size: 6.5cm (2.5") x 3.25cm (1.25") x 10.15cm (4"). Lens: 4 Panoramic 20mm Plastic Lenses. Shutter: Two Speeds Available: 4 Photos in 2 Seconds (.50 sec. / photo) or 4 Photos in 0.2 Seconds (.05 sec. / photo). Focus: 0.3 Meter (1') to Infinity. No Focus Setting Required.