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Lomographic Society Ringflash

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Product Description Features: Incredible Portrait Lighting: The Ringflash encircles your camera lens, tossing out a beautifully even light. When you direct it at a friendly human subject, you'll get a glowing and slightly surreal lighting cast, twinkling round "catchlights" in their eyes caused by a reflection of the ring itself, and tracing with a really unique shadow effects (especially when their back it to a wall. Color Flashing: Several solid plastic color rings are included with your Ringflash allowing you to unique the awesome "wondertwin" powers of colorsplashing and the Ringflash's perfectly even light. You can also shoot multi-color flash bursts byplacing the included color gel filters over each individual flash element. They slide right in, and are held in place by small slits etched into the plastic. Compatibility with your Favorite Lomographic Cameras: Ringflash is pretty much the most gregarious photo accessory ever invented. Which is to say, it's wonderfully compatible with a whole range of our cameras. It includes five custom plastic adapters each of which perfectly anchors your camera to the Fisheye, Fisheye 2, Lomo LC-A, Lomo LC-A+, and Holga (Color Flash or with Hotshoe), Diana. Off the Hook Firing: A little cord that attaches your Ringflash to its hotshoe adapter is nothing less than pure, uncut flashing freedom for your compositions.