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Lomography Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator

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The new Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator is here to introduce a colour-crazed, multi-format revolution to pinhole photography! Lomographic Society Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator This brand new Diana camera allows you to expose 1, 2 or 3 pinholes on one frame! When you combine this with the included colour gels you get a wild, psychedelic effect that practically jumps straight out of the photo! Itís guaranteed to blow your senses by introducing new and totally unique creative ideas to pinhole masters & newbies alike. Whatís more, itís easy to use and achieve great results! In addition to multi-pinhole options you can also select from three photo formats using the frame masks included in the pack. Expand your Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator adventures further by using it with some Diana accessories* Use with your Diana Instant Back+ to produce multi-pinhole instants! Plus, try shooting multi-pinholes using the Diana+ Flash Ė itís easy with the in-built flash plug! The time has come to leave your tripod in the closet and prepare for a shockingly colourful and delightfully dynamic multi-pinhole experience! * Uses all kinds of 120 film * Can be used with 35mm film when paired with the Diana 35mm Back+ * Crazy-coloured pinhole pictures c/o the 6 multi-colour gels * Has no lens or shutter * Can be used with the Diana Instant Back+ for instant pinhole shots * Compatible with Diana+ Flash