Lomography OKTOMAT Compact 35mm Camera with 8 Serial LensesZoom

Lomography OKTOMAT Compact 35mm Camera with 8 Serial Lenses

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8 Shot Goodness!
* One shot produces 8 sequential images on a single 35mm Negative. * Macro - movie feature. * Size: 4.25" x 3" x 1.25" (11cm x 7.5cm x 3.2cm). * Weight: 0.4lb (0.2kg), Film Type: 35mm Negative, Slide and B&W. * Serial Exposure time: Approximately. total 2.5 seconds for all lenses to fire. With the ultra-cute 35mm Oktomat, 8 frames can tell quite a tale. Envision yourself as a movie director on the world's tightest budget and armed with 8 scenes and 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. Eight Photos With One Click: One push of the shutter button releases all 8 lenses, in turn, over 2.5 seconds. Shoot From The Eyeball: Just raise the nifty little viewfinder for a first-person view of what your Oktomat sees. No Fiddling, No Worries: Thanks to its fixed speed and aperture, the Oktomat is completely automatic and doesn't require setting. Wrist Strap Editorial Brochure Full Documentation Warranty Swing your head around and imagine your two eyes multiplying into 8 winking-in-a-2.5-second-serial succession. You, my friend, have tasted only the very beginning of the Lomography Oktomat Compact 35mm Camera with 8 Serial Lenses pleasure. With one touch of the shutter button, this camera's 8 tiny lenses fire in turn, creating a multi-frame mini photo vignette. Upload your masterpiece to lomography.com and create a full-action MiniMovie! Uses standard 35mm film and standard processing. Take a Look Around and Set the Scene Inspiration and the proper mind set are the first orders of business. Isolate your subject from the swirling image-mess around you. Now don't be shy--Oktomat's brick shape and wee mechanics are charming enough to make even a surly chap smile. Go on with yourself as if Oktomatic photography is an uncontrollable reflex--something which your brain does not choose, but initiates with its own will. Fire! and the Oktographic Story Board SHOOT!! And 8 "clacks" later your subject is cleanly sliced into 8 little frames, boiled, and served. It's no Hollywood feature, but believe us, 8 frames can tell quite a tale. Envision yourself as a movie director on the world's tightest budget--armed with 8 scenes and 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. Among the many possibilities, you might grab an Oktographic snippet from: your best friend's romp in the park, a parade of pugs, the very moment that she said "yes," big Charlie's unfortunate bicycle lesson, passionate hedgehogs, or a boozy sea-cruise. Whatever the occasion, choose your scenes, motivate your cast, and coordinate your cinematography into a print-bound and Oscar-worthy Oktomatic vignette. Okto-Kino and The Lomographic Brain Trust Your fresh-from-the-lab shots require one addition to reach their full potential--a potent injection of Oktographic animation. Upload them to the OKTO-KINO application to Lomography web site, pop into your folding director's chair, grab some butter-slathered popcorn and peel your eyes as your Oktomatic images are instantly transformed into live-action 8-frame cinema. And, by all means, don't keep this little screening all to yourself--it's a solemn Lomographic duty to share your images with the other maniacs in our online community. What's in the Box Lomography Oktomat camera, hand strap, multi-lingual instructions, and full documentation. Product Description Every picture tells a story when you take it with this funky photographic tool. The Oktomat rapidly fires through 8 tiny lenses in serial succession over a span of 2 seconds. The 8 frames are composed together, producing a mini photo vignette of each print. A lomographic camera that begs experimentation and creativity, the multi-frame format captures movement in interesting, pop-art ways. To get a sweeping close up of stationary subjects, move the camera toward the subject while clicking the shutter. Moving subjects call for good framing, which you master as you go. The flash-free camera requires sun lighting for best results and uses standard 35mm film (and standard processing). Includes wrist strap and full instructional brochure. Collapsible viewfinder. No focusing. Imported. 4-3/8x3x1-1/4".