Kodak 35mm Ektachrome EPP 100 36 ExpZoom

Kodak 35mm Ektachrome EPP 100 36 Exp

Item# 606-2013
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Rare,out of production fun film from Kodak
Outdated,Cold stored
Produces vibrant colors
Offers reasonable control over contrast with lighting variations
Records neutrals while maintaining pleasing skin tones
Daylight or electronic flash; You can also expose it with photolamps (3400K) or tungsten (3200K) illumination with conversion filters

This versatile, 100-speed, color transparency film features high color saturation and dependable neutrals combined with pleasing skin tones. Ektachrome 100 Plus Professional film has an intended exposure range of 1/10,000 to 1/10 second with no filter correction or exposure compensation.

Use this film to produce color transparencies for viewing with 5000K illumination; For printing by photomechanical methods and by photographic methods of direct duplication and direct reversal printing; Can scan transparencies for digital printing and for graphic arts and photo CD applications