Jazz Jellies 35mm Camera GRAPE Model 207Zoom

Jazz Jellies 35mm Camera GRAPE Model 207

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The much beloved model 207 is available in the translucent Jellies series. This is the Grape flavor. A perfect vignetting little masterpiece, with a swift panoramic shooting switch, makes this a wide & slim gem.
In the class of point and shoot cameras, the Jazz Jellies 207 takes quality photographs with versatile features that are straightforward and easy to use. This Jazz camera has an onboard flash that allow photographers to take pictures in almost any lighting condition. A flash-off option, which also prolongs the AA battery life, is the ideal setting for brightly lit or outdoor shots. Children and teens will find the Jazz Jellies 207 to be a great starter camera, although adults who prefer using a 35 mm camera will be impressed with the quality of pictures produced by the Jazz camera. The Jazz Jellies 207 uses any 35 mm film type, including black and white. Included on the Jazz 35 mm camera is a panorama feature, which enhances the versatility of the camera. Users will enjoy the simplicity of this point and shoot camera, while appreciating the high-quality of the produced images.

Packaged in a clear blister pack box with strap & instructions