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InkAID Clear Semi-Gloss Precoating - QUART

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inkAID Clear Semi-Gloss
inkAID Clear Semi-Gloss Precoat can be applied to any surface or substrate that can go through your printer. inkAID Clear Semi-Gloss provides a slightly translucent, satin finish which allows the underlying colors or image on the substrate to appear through the coating. One coat provides sufficient coverage and most surfaces. More porous substrates such as paper or textiles may need an additional coat. Printers having tracking or guiding wheels can leave marks on non-porous substrates such as plastic, metal, or glass to which inkAID Clear Semi-Gloss has been applied. Porous substrates such as paper with inkAID Clear Semi-Gloss coating are not of concern.
Can not send in winter to areas subject to freezing. It can not be subjected to any temperature below 32 degrees F.