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Idly chips by twoth Powershovel Audio _ CD

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It was on January, 2006 Twoth we first had a chance to listen to the demo tape that Twoth sent us, but its impact was imediate. Someone in the room said it was as if "a weird musical bug was dancing in the speaker". We were surprised with his musical talent and, without even a word, we all knew we would contact him for a release. Twoth takes fragments of moods and feelings from various genres and sews them together into an altogether different tapestry of sound. At times, you feel like you're listening to bits and pieces of Mondo Music, Free Jazz, Techno, Ethnic, Dub, Cinema Music, Cabaret Music or Rock. But, like coffee, the worth is in the blend, making a new and exciting whole, that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Visit the Idly Chips site for other TWOTH tunes