Holga IPhone 5 Lens & Filter Cases

Holga IPhone 5 Lens & Filter Cases
Holga iPhone 5 and 5S Detachable Lens and Filter Case

A perfect way to enhance your iPhone images and turn them into Holga Lomo images. The Holga iPhone Lens and Filter Case snaps onto the iPhone 5/5S and once fitted, there are 9 different special effect lens and filters that go over the phone camera lens using the spin wheel, including a clear tenth hole to shoot regular photos with the case on, all without any software or app installed.

This Holga iPhone case is upgraded from the previous version and includes the ability to detach the filter wheel from the case so that it can easily fit in your pocket. Through the clever use of magnets, the Holga iphone case is even more convenient to use. The magnet creates no interference with the phone while allowing convenient access to the lens and filter turret with a simple click.

Holga iPhone Lens and Filter Case is available in Red, Purple, White, Black or Yellow.

Included Special Effect Lens and Filters

Standard Holga Vignette Dual Split Image Lens Triple Split Image Lens Quadruple Split Image Lens 60mm Macro Lens Yellow Filter with Clear Center Blue Filter with Clear Center Green Filter Red Filter Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Center