Holga 35mm TIM Twin Image Maker 135TIM Camera WHITEZoom

Holga 35mm TIM Twin Image Maker 135TIM Camera WHITE

Item# 924-206120
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Product Details: Introducing the new Holga 135TIM 35mm 1/2 frame, multi-image camera. With this new little gem you can shoot two half frame exposures at the same time or one after the other. You can also reset the shutter so that you can multiple expose your images without advancing the film.

Features include a button to switch between normal shutter exposure and bulb setting, adjustable aperture, dual lenses with separately selectable built-in lens covers and hot shoe for optional Holga 12S flash with color filters, Item 924-TIMFL

Description Package includes: 1. One(1) Holga 135TIM camera 2. One(1) Camera strap 3. One(1) Roll of film 4. English Manual

Features: - Shoot either half frame or 2 simultaneous shots at a time! - Individual frames can be set for different effects! - Multiple exposures - Bulb (B) mode (for long exposures) - Flash hotshoe (to attach flash) - Uses 35mm film (normal film)