Holga 135 PAN 35mm Panoramic Camera With Interchangeable Pinhole LensZoom

Holga 135 PAN 35mm Panoramic Camera With Interchangeable Pinhole Lens

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Brand New in Box. Holga #231-135

Shoot 24x72mm Amazing Panoramic Images
55mm f/8 Optical Lens + additional Pinhole lens
First Holga with interchangeable lenses
Hotshoe for adding extra light
Includes socket for cable release and bulb mode for long exposures Interchangeable Lens Camera Shoots 24 x 72 mm Panorama Photos Uses 35mm Film Includes 55mm f/8 Lens Includes 0.25mm f/236 Pinhole Lens Hot Shoe Mount Tripod Mount The 135 Pan Panoramic Camera from Holga is a 35mm format film camera that takes panoramic images of 24 x 72 mm. It is Holga's first interchangeable lens camera and can utilize its two included lenses: a 55mm f/8 lens or a 0.25mm f/236 pinhole lens. The camera's fixed shutter speed is 1/100th of a second and focusing is by an adjustable zone focus system with four distances: portrait, small group, big group and infinity. It provides an eye-level viewfinder, a standard hot shoe mount, a tripod mount and needs no batteries to operate; simply load the film and shoot. Produces 24 x 72 mm panoramic images on 35mm film. Holga's first interchangeable lens camera comes with two lenses, a 55mm f/8 lens and a 0.25mm f/236 pinhole lens. Uses any type of 35mm film, color or black and white. Recommended ISO 100 film for outdoor shooting on sunny days and ISO 400 film when shooting indoors or on cloudy days. Adjustable Zone Focus System (Portrait/Small Group/Big Group/Infinity) Features Leaf Shutter with 1/100s fixed shutter speed. Bulb Exposure is supported. Features an eye-level, center-line positioned viewfinder. Provides a hot shoe mount for an external flash unit and a tripod mount at the base of the camera. No batteries or other power source are needed to operate the camera.